Australian cities offer a wide range of housing options. The range is from a single house on a block of land in the suburb of a big city or a flat in a high-rise block in an inner city area to a house on a large block of land in a rural area. Typically, Australians want to have their own house and land. They will often rent before they choose to buy a home or decide where to live. The price of housing will vary a lot between cities and within each city. Most people live in the suburbs of the state capital cities. They like to live close to where they work, go to schools, access community facilities and use leisure areas.

Country towns and regional cities are smaller and widely separated. Life in a country town is more relaxed and less expensive than in a big city. Housing is usually more available for people who choose to work and live in towns away from capital cities."

What do I need to know about renting a house?
What is public housing?
What do I need to know about buying or building a house?
How do I get legal assistance?

Another excellent background information site from the Commonwealth government.



State and Territory Housing and Property Links

A more general overview of housing in this land.



"This (award-winning)website is managed by the eGovernment directorate of the Office of the Chief Information Officer, part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (South Australia). It is the first of its kind in Australia and represents a radical departure from the traditional government agency 'silo' approach.

This site is structured around topics and themes that make sense to customers, without needing to understand how the state government is structured. Content is written and managed by teams of people who are subject experts, ensuring that it is both accurate and relevant."


Emergency shelter and homelessness                   Housing for Aboriginal people


Renting and letting                                      Customer entry points and contacts


Building and development                                                       Buying and selling


Owning and living in your home           Information about properties and places

We await other such easy to use government sites, federal & state.




One of the two largest find-a-home websites in the country.





And this is the second of the two largest find-a-home sites.





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