"Australians are well known for knowing how to enjoy themselves! Parties and informal gatherings are popular amongst friends and neighbours. Each Australian State has their own public holidays, some are the same across the country, and others have slightly different dates. Each state also celebrates individual festivals annually, and of course there are many one off events and impromptu parties on a regular basis."



"Since the beginning of our modern history we have been known to do anything for fun. Australians are into just about anything and everything. Pastimes is such a gentle word! "PASTIMES"! Hmm! Not really a suitable word when it comes to Aussies, we are a very competitive people and more or less "ATTACK" the time we spend enjoying ourselves. It has often been said that to the Aussie 'recreation' becomes 'wreck re-action', yeah that is about right."


"Understanding Australian’s perceptions and consumption of leisure time has significance for marketers of products to be used during leisure activities and advertisers wishing to employ leisure-related symbolism in their communications. The study reported in this paper explored Australians’ perceptions of leisure and the particular pastimes they prioritise. Informants nominated alcohol consumption, sporting activities, taking holidays, attending barbecues, television viewing, and going to the beach as the leisure pastimes that are most important in Australian society. Their discussions illuminate the ways in which these pastimes are integrated into Australian life, providing contextual information to assist marketers in product and communications development."

The full research paper is here for the very keen person to read. Beware, high level language.



"Everyone has a favourite way to enjoy their free time or relax after a stressful day. So to find out how Australians incorporate leisure activities into their daily lives, we conducted an online poll study of 200 people via our proprietary research panel – “LiveTribe”. The sample was drawn representatively based on the national distributions for gender, age and location in Australia as stipulated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)."

This article summarizes the results of an online poll.



Australia's Fairfax Media group of newspapers presents a site of hundreds of newspaper articles relating to hobbies & pastimes. The subcategories are Amusement Parks   Ballooning   Board Games   Card Games   Collecting   Games   Kite flying   Model Making   Toys.



"One thing that can be said of most Australians is that they really know how to live their leisure time to the full. Whether it's enjoying a 'barbie' (barbecue) and game of backyard cricket, cheering their team at football, soccer, rugby, netball (or just about any other sport you can think of), celebrating at one of the many festivals and events held annually across the country or throwing a tent in the car and heading off camping in the wilderness, there's always something happening and many opportunities for visitors to get involved."



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"Australia is a huge country with opportunities to enjoy a large variety of different recreational activities. Below is a list of some of the more common cultural and recreational opportunities available in Australia. Follow the link for further information about that activity."



"Sport is an important part of the culture in Australia, with a long history in the country dating back to the pre-colonial period. Early sports that were played included cricket, horse racing, Australian rules football and rugby. Sport evolved with Australian national identity through events like Phar Lap, the Bodyline series and the America Cups race."













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