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"[This site] provides links to information on occupations that are eligible for visa sponsorship by the Victorian Government, as well as other occupations in demand. For more information on occupations eligible for state sponsorship, view the Eligibility Lists. Information about each occupation includes an industry overview, earning potential, how to find a job, how to get a skills assessment for migration, licensing and registration requirements, areas of employment and relevant industry contacts."

While Victorian-centered & pre-migration focused, there is a wealth of information & links to even more within these pages. 82 occupations listed. 82. Phew!



Representing Australian workers & their families.

All about unions in Australia.



"About Us____We're here to give advice and help you understand your workplace rights and responsibilities. If you have a question or problem relating to your workplace, you've come to the right website. The role of the Fair Work Ombudsman is to work with employees, employers, contractors and the community to promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplaces. We investigate workplace complaints and enforce compliance with Australia's workplace laws."



"Do you know what jobs pay what salaries or what the market rate is for your job? We use data from advertised jobs so it’s the going rate right now. You’ll also find trended data, the latest salary articles & use our Pay Rise Calculator to see what ends up in your pocket."

Make sure you are being paid the right wage for your efforts at work.


All you ever wanted to know about ombudsmen.



"The site has three key themes:

1. Getting the most out of work experience

Most students will be involved in structured work experience programs during Years 9 or 10 (or later). Worksite has a simple work experience diary that guides students through some of the key questions they may encounter during their work experience. The simple double sided A4 sheet guides students though important topics like pay rates, safety, leave and training, and encourages them to ask questions in their workplace.

2. What students need to know about work before starting their first job

Starting your first job is an important step in every young person’s life. Whether it is a casual job at the local supermarket, an apprenticeship or a graduate position – there are many ‘rules’ about work that students starting their first jobs will benefit from knowing. Worksite has simple fact sheets for job seekers about three important topics:

  • Getting the right pay
  • Knowing your rights
  • Being safe and smart in the workplace

3. Understanding the role of unions in shaping the working life of Australians

Unions have played an important role in shaping Australia and the way we work. Working hours, workplace safety, equal opportunity and better wages are all part of the union story. Worksite has fact sheets on the many aspects of daily working life that have changed due to union efforts, and are now seen as basic working rights."

Some career advice websites

Some employment websites

Some work focused language websites



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